Cost of Delay

Every year counts

Don’t let your members miss out! Show them how much they could lose by delaying important decisions about their contributions and how much more they would need to pay in order to reach the same pension value in retirement if they delay increasing their contributions.

Members often don’t realise the actual cost of waiting to start saving for retirement. In partnership with the AHC’s other Lifetime products, this simple calculator drives action as your members see, often for the first time, how costly the decision not to act today can be.

The key is to show your members how much they’re missing out on.

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Key features

  • Calculations are based on the parameters your members set, such as age, salary, future contribution rate and retirement age
  • User-friendly interface – see the cost of waiting in real terms
  • Customise the items your members can use to illustrate the cost of waiting
  • Scheme-specific text and branding
  • A monthly subscription with no minimum period
  • Desktop, iPhone and iPad friendly

Live example

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Perfect partnership

Use with the Budget Calculator to show members how they can create disposable income and use this to make a significant difference to their retirement plan savings by investing now.