Helping members plan for retirement

AHC’s Lifetime products are ready-to-go calculators and apps, customisable with your own branding. Effective, low-cost solutions make retirement planning come alive for your members!

Our range of products fit together seamlessly to create an innovative, fun and easy way for your members to interact with their pension – or as individual products to complement your existing tools.

Lifetime product features

  • Ready-to-go solution – no need for lengthy development periods – the hard work has already been done. Your members could be modelling their financial future within weeks
  • Low cost – leverage AHC’s global modelling expertise for a fraction of the normal investment
  • Quick – easily deployed with minimal effort
  • No set-up fee – just a hassle-free monthly subscription with no minimum term
  • Instant calculations – the numbers update as you change the inputs
  • Customisable interface integrates seamlessly with your scheme communications – style it to take on your brand, look and feel, with the supporting text in your language and editorial style
  • The number crunching is done on the participant's computer with minimal additional load placed on your server
  • Reliable maths engines
  • Hosting service available – provided by AHC