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Help your members model their financial future. Clear graphics, intuitive inputs, instant calculations and real-life scenario modelling makes retirement planning come alive for your members. The calculator promotes understanding of the relationship between savings, balance at retirement, retirement income and how long this income will last.

The key is to make super simple.

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Key features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Members see an instant picture of income in retirement by entering basic personal details
  • Comprehensive range of member choices, e.g. retirement age and target income
  • Printable results (including assumptions and disclaimer)
  • Fund-specific text and branding
  • Reliable maths engine - developed and maintained by our actuarial partners
  • A monthly subscription with no minimum period
  • Works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Live example

Catholic Super >
AHC's Lifetime Supermodeller is a perfect fit...customisable, low-cost and easy to use.

Anthony Beamish
Operations Manager

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Perfect partnership

The Supermodeller is an ideal complement to AHC’s Small Change, Big Savings Calculator. Members can use the Small Change, Big Savings Calculator to work out how they can save money, and then go straight to this calculator to see how this money could boost their super – with no need to re-enter their details.