Lifetime Engine

Just the maths

The Lifetime Engine powers our Supermodeller. It is also available as a standalone product you can use as a platform to build a custom interface for your members. The Lifetime Engine is a detailed super model, capable of running instant simulations to create an interactive and engaging member experience.

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Key features

AHC's Lifetime Engine is capable of the following calculations:

  • Accumulation and Defined Benefit projections
  • Age pension
  • Include a partner in the projection
  • Transition to retirement
  • Configurable investment options, including fees and insurance
  • Part-time working and career break
  • Balance and income modelling
  • Before tax, after tax and one-off contributions
  • Co-contribution

Live example

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Perfect partnership

AHC's Lifetime Engine complements your existing modeller – it fits behind your custom interface to process complex projections.

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